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Why Advertise with SuperLame!, and What You Get.

By advertising with SuperLame! you get a seamless integration of your ad and our application. Your company or product will be blended with the overall design of the SuperLame! interface and web application in order to give you the maximum value for each and every user. The lower footer of the app can display a browser wide color banner, including company logo, products, photos, and additional graphics if needed, all of which can include unique links to any desired location. The images are all customized to fit and optimized for the best possible ROI. Additionally, minor animations can be created for lower banner images and links.

You can also have a picture displayed for users to interact with, in place of the default blue "your image here" image. This is an optional feature and if used creates not only deeper brand awareness, but also user involvement in your product, brand, or service. Finally, all images created under your company's sponsorship can be branded/watermarked with your logo in the bottom right corner.

Currently all advertising deals last for a minimum of one week. If you are interested in advertising with SuperLame! please contact us.

Why not CPM?

In short, we prefer quality to quantity. SuperLame! offers a user experience that generates return visitors as well as long visits. The enjoyable nature of the site, while allowing users quick creation of comic style pictures, leads to much more extensive time spent on the site. While many sites offer advertising based on CPM, Cost Per Thousand, we believe this doesn't accurately represent the value of our product.

What SuperLame! Offers

If you have a new product to showcase to the web community, SuperLame! is the place to do it. SuperLame! reaches an audience that cares about hobbies, rich internet experiences, web 2.0, internet communities, digital media, etc. Our community includes a wide range of visitors, a majority of which continue to return and use SuperLame! regularly. We are the best, most fun, and easiest source for anyone looking to add comic speech bubbles to pictures, making great looking comic style photos.

There are many different ways to advertise with SuperLame! Contact us to discuss further details on advertising and sponsorship.

SuperLame! Advertising is web 2.0

SuperLame! offers premium sponsorship integrated directly into the SuperLame! web application. The advertisement is customized to fit into the overall design, thus creating something that will not only appeal to users ascetically, but motivate them to action and further their participation and recognition of your brand. The sponsors are important to us, and we look for products, brands, and services that we feel would be relevant to our audience as well as a good fit for the SuperLame! brand.

SuperLame! Sponsor Sample

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SuperLame! in the Press

"It's kind of hard to believe that a web application could be this smooth and easy to use."
- Leo Laporte, net@night on TWIT.TV [net@night podcast]
"A fun little beta application that transcends it's name... da, da, da, dun, da, dun! SuperLame!"
- Cali Lewis, GeekBrief TV [GeekBrief TV Video Podcast]
"If you've just got a single photo and a desire to make with the funny, go easy on yourself and try SuperLame! Comic Word Balloon Engine."
- Eric Griffith, AppScout [AppScout.com Article]
"It's simply a joy to tag up a photo with captions, speech and thought bubbles. Best of all, the end result is total eye candy."
- Josh Lowensohn, WebWare [WebWare.com Article]
"It is a super simple site where youcan upload pictures super quick, create speech bubbles super easily and either e-mail them or send them to friends."
- Alana Taylor, Mashable [Mashable.com Article]
"If our review of Comiq Life Magiq caught your eye, but you don't run OS X or don't have a need for so many features, SuperLame is perfect for you."
- Jay Hathaway, DownloadSquad [DownloadSquad.com Article]
"Sometimes you just have to have some fun, not every website can be a financial advisor or a bank site, superlame.com is one of these kind of useless websites."
- DigitalBrian [DigitalBrian]
"Want to have a little fun with your pictures? Add some speech bubbles! There's a great site called Superlame that let's you do exactly that."
- Scott Johnson [Scott Johnson]
"SuperLame! Isn't"
- Heather Rasley [Heather Rasley]
"SuperLame is super fun."
- bruna, KillerStartups [KillerStartups.com Feature]

SuperLame! is a Viral Application

As of the official public launch of SuperLame! on May 8th, 2008, we have garnered much critical success with the online media and press. With little to no official marketing SuperLame! has propageted through visitors finding the site, using the app, then liking it enough to tell others about it. Many visitors to SuperLame! have written about us on their personal blogs and some have even made videos featuring SuperLame! The traffic to SuperLame! has been growing since day one. 100% of our traffic has been generated organically.
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