Word Balloons and Speech Bubbles Start Here!

SuperLame! LabsWhat is SuperLame! Labs you ask? Well, it’s a place we’ll be updating periodically with information about all the great new stuff we’re working on here at SuperLame!. We’ll try to let everyone know what upcoming features we’re workingon and more.

Labs will also have various SuperLame! Experiments we do that may not necessarily be implemented into the full functionality of the site anytime soon, if ever. In addition we’ll try to provide some tutorials, examples, and source for certain projects when we can. Sharing is caring baby!

So, if you’re interested in the future of SuperLame! or some of the inner workings, give it a look. Hope you enjoy the new SuperLame! Labs. Later.

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  1. ComputerTutorFlorida.com

    Hey guys! You are offering a great service here! This is something that everyone should know about. Well, at least those people that want to add speech bubbles to their photos. But that’s just about everyone, right? Keep up the great work!


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