SuperLame! on GeekBrief! Pinch Me.

Cali Lewis from Geekbrief TVIf you’re a tech head like me you may have already seen that SuperLame has hit the big time. The always super (never lame) and bubbly host of Geekbrief, Cali Lewis, has given SuperLame a resounding endorsement. If you watch the Geekbrief TV daily tech video podcast you’ve probably already seen it as it aired (do podcasts air?) on Friday, June 6th near the end of episode 371. It was, well, brief, so if you missed it, I’m embedding the full episode on this post, enjoy (I got goosebumps when I saw it).

The coolest part was that she actually mentions what I wrote about the development process. If you didn’t already know, the SuperLame web tool was made using only the trial version of Adobe’s Flash CS3, within the first eight days to be precise. I’d really like to add features and continue to make improvements, however, the trial has ended and like she said, I’m hoping to pay for the full version of Flash with donations. Heck, even if you’re someone in a postion to donate Flash that would be awesome too. Maybe Adobe is reading this right now and wants to support SuperLame with some free software, eh? I’m just throwing it out there. Oh, and thanks to anyone that donates and helps support SuperLame.

A big special thanks to everyone at Geekbrief!

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