It’s been a long time coming… The SuperLame iPhone App is Here!

superLameRetinaScreenshot001That’s right folks. We’ve finally released an iPhone version of the SuperLame app. Now you can create comic balloon photos on the go.

While it’s not quite as feature rich as the web app we’re working hard to add features and updates. Download it today and let us know what you think and what we can do to make it better. Thanks.

Get the app on the Apple App Store here.

SuperLame’s One Year Anniversary, Yay!

happy anniversary superlameCan you believe it’s already been a year since SuperLame as we all know it today was launched? Yeah, I know, me either. Anyway, hopefully this year we’ll be adding some pretty big new features to the site.

Unfortunately we had to start with replacing some of the fonts in the app due to the “good” folks at BlamBot, who before today didn’t know SuperLame even existed. You see, we contacted them to see if they’d like to make some kind of trade for some of their pro fonts to help make SuperLame just that much better. However, instead of any deal, they responded with a bill. They’ve said that even though SuperLame is non-profit, the fact that we embedded a couple of their free fonts into our app means we owe for distribution and embed licensing, at $400 each font.

Well, I don’t have that kind of scratch, so I’ve had to replace those fonts with some “real” free fonts. While they may not look quite the same, everything still functions and we’ll try to keep up the high quality you’ve come to expect from SuperLame.

Thanks for your support and for choosing SuperLame for all your comic balloon needs

Facebook just got SuperLame!

superlame facebook appWell, looks like people kinda like this Facebook thing. So, we here at SuperLame have decided to further everybody’s comic balloon happiness with a brand new SuperLame Facebook app. That’s right, all you Facebook users out there can now take advantage of all the SuperLamey goodness right from your Facebook account. Better yet, it’s still just as free as always.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Coming Soon… SuperLame! Friends Plus, Premium Service

Superlame! Friends Plus freemium features chartWe’re happy to announce an upcoming extension of the SuperLame! comic balloon services. Check out the chart for a quick glance at what we’ll be adding. Most importantly, SuperLame! will be adding storage and gallery features. Some other notable features include: easy sharing so you can quickly and easily link or embed your pictures anywhere on the web, you’ll get your very own premium space on SuperLame! as well, with a custom name at You’ll also be getting a number of other features we haven’t exactly pinned down yet, you know the whole beta thing and all.

So, what’s all this gonna cost you? How about a million dollars? No, too high? Ha, now anything lower will sound good! Muwah, ha, ha, ha! Okay, you know what, how about you just donate something, $5 or more a year and we’ll give you all of these great extras, plus any and all the new features we continue to add and come up with. That’s it, whatever you want to donate, starting at $5/year. Don’t let that stop you from donating more if you really want to however.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What’s this service called? Well, “SuperLame! Friends Plus”, or just “SuperLame! Plus”. It’s like friends with benefits or something along those lines. Let us know what you think.

Right, and finally, we’ll be trying to give back to those that help us. You help us, we help you. You see, in addition to getting all the great new features for donating, you’ll also have the opportunity to get promotion of your own on SuperLame! That means, if you opt in, you can get your site, blog, pictures, name, art, product, whatever, promoted on SuperLame! We will have exceptions and we are partial to pictures and photos.

Thanks for using SuperLame! for all your comic balloon needs!

Shop SuperLame! Shop. Get Your Pics on Shirts and More…

Buy Speech Bubble Shirts and StickersThere’s a new way to support SuperLame! and get something cool in the process. We’ve just launched the SuperLame! Shop.

At the moment you can buy a t-shirt with your custom made SuperLame! picture on it; t-shirt with the sweet SuperLame! icon logo on it; stickers with your custom made SuperLame! picture; or stickers of the SuperLame! icon logo. That’s just what we have right now, we’re going to try and get even more stuff to offer as soon as possible.

All you’ve got to do to get your own custom printed stuff is: 1) Create a SuperLame! comic picture. 2) Once you’ve saved it, click on the ‘shop’ icon on the top of the page. 3) Choose the stuff you want, fill out your shipping/billing info and payment info. 4) Wait for your awesome stuff. 5) Receive and enjoy your new awesome stuff.

Sorry international visitors, but the service is currently limited to the United States.

SuperLame! Labs is Here and Open For Business

SuperLame! LabsWhat is SuperLame! Labs you ask? Well, it’s a place we’ll be updating periodically with information about all the great new stuff we’re working on here at SuperLame!. We’ll try to let everyone know what upcoming features we’re workingon and more.

Labs will also have various SuperLame! Experiments we do that may not necessarily be implemented into the full functionality of the site anytime soon, if ever. In addition we’ll try to provide some tutorials, examples, and source for certain projects when we can. Sharing is caring baby!

So, if you’re interested in the future of SuperLame! or some of the inner workings, give it a look. Hope you enjoy the new SuperLame! Labs. Later.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Word Balloons!

Napoleon Dynamite with SuperLame Word Balloons has just launched it’s public Beta. What is SuperLame? Well, I’m glad you asked. You may have heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, if a picture alone is worth that much, how much more can you say with a picture that actually has words too? We’re betting more than a thousand.

Enter, SuperLame and our Comic Balloon Engine. Basically, it’s a simple web tool that gives users the power to easily and quickly add word balloons, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, whatever you want to call them, to your pictures.

Best of all, the entire tool is free for anyone to use. However, if you would like to donate to our cause, we wouldn’t turn you down, of course, and hey, it’s a tax right off, right?

The above picture is an example of what you can do with SuperLame. But, don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself. Enjoy.