Big Little Superlame! Update! Comic Sound FX

Along with a little bit of a streamlined “redesign” kinda thing (this is not version 2.0, yet), we’ve added Comic Style Sound FX (effects). You know, the stuff like, “Whammy!”, “KaPow!”, “Boom!”. The stuff that made the old batman show so great, okay, funny not great. Anyway, you can add these Sound FX to your pictures now. Whoohoo! Hey, that could be one. You can add whatever word you like just by double clicking on the text once you’ve added it to your photo. Hope you like the new features and the new style. Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more updates. Enjoy!

Spread the word (Balloons)!

Shop SuperLame! Shop. Get Your Pics on Shirts and More…

Buy Speech Bubble Shirts and StickersThere’s a new way to support SuperLame! and get something cool in the process. We’ve just launched the SuperLame! Shop.

At the moment you can buy a t-shirt with your custom made SuperLame! picture on it; t-shirt with the sweet SuperLame! icon logo on it; stickers with your custom made SuperLame! picture; or stickers of the SuperLame! icon logo. That’s just what we have right now, we’re going to try and get even more stuff to offer as soon as possible.

All you’ve got to do to get your own custom printed stuff is: 1) Create a SuperLame! comic picture. 2) Once you’ve saved it, click on the ‘shop’ icon on the top of the page. 3) Choose the stuff you want, fill out your shipping/billing info and payment info. 4) Wait for your awesome stuff. 5) Receive and enjoy your new awesome stuff.

Sorry international visitors, but the service is currently limited to the United States.

Balloon Tips to Help Picture Ballooning!

SuperLame balloon tool tips help explain stuffWe’ve just made making your own speech bubbles even easier than it already was. Yeah, I know. What? Even easier? Yup. We’ve just added “tool tips”, or in this case “balloon tips” to the engine. They’re just little balloons that pop up on different buttons to explain how to use a certain feature.

The pic shows the tip “Click Here to Start Typing” over the text of a balloon. Hope these little things help ease the process for a lot of users.