WebWare Helps Us Spread the Word on Word Balloons!

Webware test with Steve Jobs and SuperLameJosh Lowensohn of Webware.com, one of CNET‘s many web properties, just posted an article all about us and our word balloon web tool. If you’re not familiar, their site focuses on pretty much anything web 2.0, including news, reviews, etc. They took a little time to test out SuperLame and here’s some of the things they said:

Each button pops with a little animation that’s very fluid and organic, making it an experience on it own just to click on something. Kids will love it.

SuperLame’s image editor does only one thing (comicbook like speech bubbles), but does it well.

Read the whole article here: Webware’s article all about SuperLame. Here’s hoping we make it on to the coveted Webware 100.