SuperLame’s One Year Anniversary, Yay!

happy anniversary superlameCan you believe it’s already been a year since SuperLame as we all know it today was launched? Yeah, I know, me either. Anyway, hopefully this year we’ll be adding some pretty big new features to the site.

Unfortunately we had to start with replacing some of the fonts in the app due to the “good” folks at BlamBot, who before today didn’t know SuperLame even existed. You see, we contacted them to see if they’d like to make some kind of trade for some of their pro fonts to help make SuperLame just that much better. However, instead of any deal, they responded with a bill. They’ve said that even though SuperLame is non-profit, the fact that we embedded a couple of their free fonts into our app means we owe for distribution and embed licensing, at $400 each font.

Well, I don’t have that kind of scratch, so I’ve had to replace those fonts with some “real” free fonts. While they may not look quite the same, everything still functions and we’ll try to keep up the high quality you’ve come to expect from SuperLame.

Thanks for your support and for choosing SuperLame for all your comic balloon needs