SuperLame! and Money. How to Monetize a Web App?

Money Eats Sites Like SuperLame!Okay, so, generally people like what SuperLame! does. We’ve gotten a lot of great press as well as many positive emails and comments. We really appreciate all the great feedback. That said, there’s currently no money being made, at least not enough to justify the existence of SuperLame!, add features, and improve the experience as a whole.

So, we’re looking at areas to continue SuperLame! while making at least enough money to run it. We want to know what you, the user, thinks about some of the options. Here’s a brief description of some of the options we could try.


Create and sell branded and custom products, like t-shirts, stickers, photo prints, etc. We have recently launched a limited shop on SuperLame! Optimally, finding a company, something like CafePress, to partner with, and have products manufactured/made/printed on a per order basis.


You’ve probably seen a number of businesses take this model lately, at least in the web 2.0 world, (Flickr, Picnik). The idea is to offer a completely free basic or at least limited version of your product/service. Then, offset that by charging a small monthly/yearly/whatever fee to people willing to pay for an enhanced or improved experience with more features in a premium version.


Offer everything for free and hope people appreciate it so much that they support it out of the kindness of their hearts. Also, begging can’t hurt.


You may have noticed some people around the internet using “banner ads”. These can be placed everywhere and anywhere. Most of the problems with these are the yielding of a very small income to large annoyance ratio.


Find companies and individuals selling or promoting something. Sell them the opportunity to customize the SuperLame! site/app with such things as, custom backgrounds, limited edition features (special speech bubbles, extra fonts, etc.), initial branded pictures and photos to play with.

These are some of the we’re currently looking into at SuperLame! and we’d really like to hear from the community as to what you would like us to pursue. I have to say, we’re currently leaning toward the Freemium model. If you have any other options we should consider or advise please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or contact us. Thanks.