Coming Soon… SuperLame! Friends Plus, Premium Service

Superlame! Friends Plus freemium features chartWe’re happy to announce an upcoming extension of the SuperLame! comic balloon services. Check out the chart for a quick glance at what we’ll be adding. Most importantly, SuperLame! will be adding storage and gallery features. Some other notable features include: easy sharing so you can quickly and easily link or embed your pictures anywhere on the web, you’ll get your very own premium space on SuperLame! as well, with a custom name at You’ll also be getting a number of other features we haven’t exactly pinned down yet, you know the whole beta thing and all.

So, what’s all this gonna cost you? How about a million dollars? No, too high? Ha, now anything lower will sound good! Muwah, ha, ha, ha! Okay, you know what, how about you just donate something, $5 or more a year and we’ll give you all of these great extras, plus any and all the new features we continue to add and come up with. That’s it, whatever you want to donate, starting at $5/year. Don’t let that stop you from donating more if you really want to however.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What’s this service called? Well, “SuperLame! Friends Plus”, or just “SuperLame! Plus”. It’s like friends with benefits or something along those lines. Let us know what you think.

Right, and finally, we’ll be trying to give back to those that help us. You help us, we help you. You see, in addition to getting all the great new features for donating, you’ll also have the opportunity to get promotion of your own on SuperLame! That means, if you opt in, you can get your site, blog, pictures, name, art, product, whatever, promoted on SuperLame! We will have exceptions and we are partial to pictures and photos.

Thanks for using SuperLame! for all your comic balloon needs!