AppScout Stalks SuperLame as a Possible Killer App

App Scout Superlame‘s slogan is “stalking the killer app”. They’re a Ziff Davis company comprised of various PC Magazine editors and writers all on their quest to find the best sites, web tools, and betas around the net. They written what might be the most comprehensive review of SuperLame so far. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about us:

It’s long been possible to turn your photo collection into comics your family will treasure with complicated software like Photoshop and Illustrator, or using fantastic photo-to-comic tools such as Comic Life (for Windows or Mac). If you’ve just got a single photo and a desire to make with the funny, go easy on yourself and try SuperLame! Comic Word Balloon Engine.

We appreciate any and all press we get here at SuperLame. If you’ve written an article or review about us, please let us know, we love to hear what people think and how we can improve.

Check out the full article here: App Scout reviews SuperLame


WebWare Helps Us Spread the Word on Word Balloons!

Webware test with Steve Jobs and SuperLameJosh Lowensohn of, one of CNET‘s many web properties, just posted an article all about us and our word balloon web tool. If you’re not familiar, their site focuses on pretty much anything web 2.0, including news, reviews, etc. They took a little time to test out SuperLame and here’s some of the things they said:

Each button pops with a little animation that’s very fluid and organic, making it an experience on it own just to click on something. Kids will love it.

SuperLame’s image editor does only one thing (comicbook like speech bubbles), but does it well.

Read the whole article here: Webware’s article all about SuperLame. Here’s hoping we make it on to the coveted Webware 100.


We Got Our First Review! Thanks to KillerStartups!

SuperLame was reviewed on, a great site for checking out all the latest web 2.0 and startups around the net, just wrote a review of our speech bubble tool. Yay! Here’s a quote from the “Why it might be a killer” section of the review:

SuperLame is super fun. The interface is attractive and has nice big clear icons to help users find what they are looking for. The bubble speech tools give users many options for designing their bubble. It is nice that SuperLame gives users the option of saving their image and of sending it to friends. SuperLame provides a fun tool where users can jazz up their photos to send to friends.

Did you see that? “SuperLame is Super Fun.” Yeah, that’s right, not just a solid web tool, but a fun one at that. Check out the full review on their site here: KillerStartups reviews SuperLame! Oh yeah, and you can vote for us there too!