SuperLame Labs!

What are the SuperLame! Labs?

Simple, it's where we reveal the future of SuperLame!

In other words, it's the place we'll be letting everyone know about all the next big things happening here. We also intend to give a little back to the development community in various ways including tutorials. Let us know what you want for the future of SuperLame!. Contact us and suggest/request a feature you don't see on the list below. Help us make SuperLame! better. Enjoy!

Future Features (what's next for SuperLame!)

Mulitple Panel Comics

Amoung some of the most requested features is the ability to upload and edit more than just one picture at a time. We are working on a way that makes the implementaion of multiple pictures as easy and seemless as possible while still looking and functioning as close to a comic book as possible.

Comic Style Visual Sound Effects (SHINKT!)

You can't read a comic book without seeing (or hearing?) a sound effect, visual sound effect that is. We want to make it easy for people to add similar visual sound effects (fx is better) to their pictures. What would a comic be without sweet sound effects? Superlame, and not the good kind of SuperLame like this SuperLame.

Flickr and Other Photo Sharing Site Support

Eveyone has a Flickr account for their photos, and if you don't you probably have a PhotoBucket or Picasa account. We're working on ways to intgrate SuperLame! with these services and more. That way you'll be able to quickly and seemlessly move your pictures to and from SuperLame!.

More, more, more...

Many sites have mentioned our lack of features, lack of options, and so on. Well, the site is still in beta, so we'll be adding more and more as we can. Amoung some of the additions will be (though not limited to):

  • More Balloon Styles (Square, Explode, Splat, etc.)
  • More font sizes, styles, and colors
  • Narration Boxes (example: "Meanwhile, back at the SuperLame Laboratories.")
  • More Background and Border color options

New Experiments

Balloon Save Counter

Live counter, counts each new entry into a MySQL database via PHP and Flash AS3. Dynamically resizes the balloon to fit the ever growing number of balloons created. Also makes a little sound with each additional count. Actual count reflects only the images created and saved.


Coming Soon...